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BA Degree in Production and management of domestic and wild animals

Location: Department of Veterinary Sciences - Grugliasco (TO)

Admission: the BA Degree in Production and management of domestic and wild animals is an open access course (without admission test)

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The graduate of this BA course will be prepared to be able to expertly handle the i) management, hygiene and economic issues related to livestock farms, ii) the treatment of foodstuff of animal origin, and iii) issues related to the conservation and management of wildlife, with particular regards to the development and application of suitable managing methods.

The BA graduate will be required to have spent training periods on farms and plants, with the aim to introduce him/her to the profession. S/he will not only be prepared to work as a professional but will have acquired the necessary scientific and technical expertise for any MA in the field of Veterinary Medicine s/he may choose to attend.

This degree aims at providing students with fundamental notions useful in animal rearing activities regarding management techniques, food hygiene and economy administration. In particular, notions will take into consideration different areas such as: non intensive park areas (10%) of the national territory, areas using special management and hilly and mountainous areas. Moreover, fundamental notion will also be given on faunistic studies with particular regards to methodological aspects connected to management and animal conservation.

Practical experience is mandatory and has to be acquired during on-site and extramural training activities. Mandatory practical training aims to prepare students for possible further studies. Graduates are professionally qualified as technicians aware of the fundamental role of conservation and management of the national wildlife heritage while, at the same time, they are able to promote high-quality and eco-compatible animal production.

The main available professional outlets are:

  • freelancing activities requiring fauna management and/or conservation consultants,
  • employment in venison institutes, in animal production or agro-food consortiums, organic animal farms, national institutes,
  • entrepreneur or employee in agro-tourism establishments,
  • activities related to artificial insemination in wild and domestic animals.

Graduates will be able to work in both national and European environments. Moreover, the Faculty  has steady and ongoing contact with local and regional institutes, acting  as consultants and helping in research programmes related to the subjects proposed during the course of study. Therefore, graduates will also be able to work in Piedmont and nearby areas.      

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